In The Frame : Descriptive gallery events organised by Artlink:

Artlink works to open up the arts in Edinburgh for people with sight loss, people with hearing loss, people who are Deafblind and sign language users. See below for information on gallery tours - all free.

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The Queen's Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse.

National Galleries of Scotland.

National Library of Scotland.

The National Museum of Scotland.

Talbot Rice Gallery.


Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow.

Riverside Museum: Scotland's Museum of Transport and Travel.

The Queen's Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse.

How to find it:

The Gallery is at the foot of the Royal Mile, to the south of the Palace gates and directly facing the Scottish Parliament.
Buses: Numbers 35 and 36, and open-top buses.
Nearest railway station: Edinburgh Waverley.
There is free coach parking beside the Palace, and metered car parking just inside the Queen's Park.

Tickets purchased at the Queen's Gallery can be converted into a One-Year Pass, giving 12 months free admission to the Gallery. To reserve your place for all Queen's Gallery events, please e-mail the Learning Bookings team or call 0131 557 2500.

National Galleries of Scotland.

The National Galleries comprise five galleries: The Royal Scottish Academy (RSA) in the midle of Princes Street; the Scottish National Gallery immediately behind the RSA, with an entrance also from East Princes Street Gardens; the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, on Queen Street; the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in two buildings: Modern One (MOD ONE) on the west side of Belford Road, and facing it on the east side of Belford Road, Modern Two (MOD TWO), the former Dean Gallery.

Tours and Workshops for Visually Impaired People.

The National Galleries offer an extensive programme for visually impaired gallery visitors. The regular programme includes touch tours, verbal description and practical workshops. They have recently started to offer verbal description prior to monthly public drawing classes.

For more information please contact Meg Faragher: 0131 624 6403

2016 Visual Impairment Programme: March - September 2018.

Booking essential.
If you are interested in attending any of these events, bookings are taken in person by the staff at the main information desk at the Gardens Entrance of the Scottish National Gallery or by ringing 0131 624 6560. If you prefer to book by email, please contact:

Please let us know in advance if you have any additional support needs, have allergies, are hard of hearing or have a mobility impairment, so that we can arrange to help you.

For participants taking part in sessions at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, we are pleased to arrange a free taxi leaving from the Scottish National Gallery on the Mound. If you would like to use this service please let us know when you book.

If you would like more information about the programme please contact Meg Faragher on 0131 624 6403 or email

Tours and Workshops:

The following tours and workshops consist of a 90 minute tour in the morning, followed by a lunch break, and a two and a half hour practical workshop in the afternoon. Guides, chairs and refreshments will be provided. Please bring a packed lunch.

Artist in Focus: Tessa Asquith Lamb: Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

This session will explore the work of artist and printmaker Tessa Asquith Lamb. Tessa, one of the artists who works regularly on the Gallery’s Visual Impairment programme, trained at Edinburgh college of Art and Edinburgh University and creates intricate and complex etchings and paper-cuts full of details from her collection of 19th century folk art and valentines, silhouettes, flowers, portraits and foxes! Learn more about her processes and the stories behind her beautiful work in this special session, which will include descriptions of the artwork and be followed by a printmaking workshop to develop your own symbolic designs.

Tour: Wednesday 21 March 2018 : 10.15am – 3.30pm
Meet and collect at main entrance.

NOW: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art One – MOD 1

NOW is a programme of contemporary art taking place at Modern One over three years. This will be the third instalment of NOW and it will feature a major survey of works by renowned British artist Jenny Saville. Featuring monumental paintings and drawings by Saville dating between 1992 and 2017, the exhibition will demonstrate the scale and ambition of the artist’s practice, and her singular and dynamic approach to composition, gesture, materials and subject matter. This edition of NOW will also feature rooms of work by five further artists - Sara Barker, Christine Borland, Robin Rhode, Markus Schinwald and Catherine Street to investigate themes regarding the body, performance, process and materiality.

Tour: Wednesday 18 April 2018 : 10.15am – 3.30pm;
Meet at MOD ONE main entrance.

Victoria Crowe: Beyond Likeness: Scottish National Portrait Gallery

This exhibition brings together a group of the best portraits by the distinguished artist Victoria Crowe. Crowe has developed an approach to portraiture that seeks to do more than record the outward appearance of a person. She aims to represent something of the inner life - the experiences and preoccupations of the individuals depicted - the world of ideas and dreams.

Tour: Wednesday 16 May 2018 : 10.15am-3.30pm;
Meet and collect at main entrance .

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Scottish National Portrait Gallery

This photography display is the third in a series of thematic exhibitions exploring the exceptional permanent collection of photography at the National Galleries of Scotland. The exhibition will consider the variety of modes of transport used around the world from the 1840s onwards. It includes photographs by prominent artists including Alfred G Buckham and Humphrey Spender. The focus will be on how photography has been used to chart the technological innovations created by the desire to travel and the impact that transportation has on society. The exhibition will also consider how transport is part of our everyday lives, from the daily grind of commuting to the pleasure of holidays away from home.

Tour: Wednesday 20 June 2018 : 10.15am – 3.30pm;
Meet and collect at main entrance.

Rembrandt: Britain's Discovery of the Master: Scottish National Gallery

Explore this blockbuster new exhibition, which will only be shown in Edinburgh, and will reveal how the taste for Rembrandt’s work in Britain evolved over the past 400 years, growing into a mania that gripped collectors and art lovers across the country, reaching a fever pitch in the late-eighteenth century. The exhibition also reveals the profound impact of Rembrandt’s art on the British imagination, exploring the wide range of native artists whose work has been inspired by the Dutch master, right up to the present day.

Tour: Wednesday 18 July 2018 : 10.15am – 3.30pm;
Meet and collect at Gardens entrance.

Emil Nolde: Colour is Life: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Two – MOD 2

This exhibition will document one of Germany’s greatest expressionist artists, Emil Nolde. The paintings will show how passionate he was about his north German home near the Danish border with its immense skies, flat, windswept landscapes and storm-tossed seas, but also his fascination for the demi-monde of Berlin’s cafés and cabarets, the busy to and fro of tugboats in the port of Hamburg and the myriad peoples and the places he saw on his trip to the South Seas in 1914. Nolde felt strongly about what he painted, identifying with his subjects in every brushstroke he made, heightening his colours and simplifying his shapes.

Tour: Wednesday 19 September 2018 : 10.15am – 3.30pm;
Meet and collect at main entrance.

National Galleries of Scotland
Sessions for people who are Visually Impaired.

The Galleries have offered education events for people who are visually impaired, since 2001. They offer descriptive tours conducted in small groups, followed by relevant hands-on workshops. From 2010 the scale of this programme was increased with support of the Miss Agnes H Hunter Trust and the R S Macdonald Charitable Trust.
To read more about this programme Click here,
or for more information on current events contact 0131 624 6428.

To visit the National Galleries web site

Click National Galleries of Scotland

Welcome to the Library: National Library of Scotland.

Drop in for tea, coffee and biscuits and learn more about the Library, our collections, exhibitions and accessible events programme.
11:00 am - 12:00 pm Free, no need to book.

Multimedia Room:
The Issue Hall doors at the top of the main stairs are heavy and have to be kept closed to maintain conditions for the collection material. We can help you with these doors if needed. Please let Information Desk staff know if you would like assistance. We also have a card access wheelchair accessible door, which is available for registered library users. Off the Issue Hall, to the right, is the Multimedia Room. This has: